EtsyChai Creative Inspiration–Part V

Last week I asked EtsyChai members: “How do you stay creative? What inspires you?”  The feedback keeps coming, enjoy reading!     Tamdoll


“YIKES! I get inspiration everywhere - books, magazines,store displays - but my favorite is a stroll through a museum which always helps get the juices rolling again! My problem, like Hema, is that there is just not enough time in the day and my inspiration usually strikes hours before I can do anything about it.”

norunningwithscissor.etsy.com Debbie


“The inspiration for all my jewelry comes from the scriptures. As I read, the inspiration comes....sometimes it is color combinations other times certain passages can be represented by different symbols. Jewelry that carries a spiritual message is also an inspiration to the one who wears it.”



Where do I get my inspiration from? I had to think about this for a bit because it comes from any number of places....

1) From my childhood (as far as my Judaica work goes), my Grandmother belonged to an Orthodox Schul when I was young and I loved sitting in the balcony, listening to the all-men's choir and looking at all the wonderful stained glass windows.... They always inspired me to paint when I got home and some of these images stayed with me throughout my life.

2) From my dog (as far as my dog items go), Cookie has been my ‘heart dog’ as well as a constant companion for almost 11 years now. Though I've had others in the past, she is the one that has affected my life the most.

3) My jewelry work (which I have yet to find time to list on Etsy, but can be seen on my web site www.acacheofjewels.com) are from my days (and nights) as a Ballroom & Latin-American dancer.  I, and a lot of other dancers have a need [for jewelry] …so I  filled a need by knowing how to work with pavé stonework: jewelry, business card cases and more were the end result. I think it's fair to say that inspiration is always around... It's just a matter of "tuning in" when needed and "tuning out" when it can become a distraction.”

achacheofjewels.etsy.com Sandra


My colored glass sheets come in many colors, patterns, transparent or opaque. Sometimes I look at the glass and according to the colors and flowing patterns decide how it applies to my piece. Some examples are my fish votive, Jerusalem menorah, and Seattle space needle menorah.  Another source of inspiration are customer requests; I get many emails for special requests. Some of these requests are for projects I've never tried.  For example, right now I'm working on creating special pieces out of wedding cup shreds. I enjoy exploring new ideas, it's my little challenge. Stay tuned!!  Most of my items are functional pieces -- holiday plates, candle holders and many other Judaica pieces. I create my pieces in different shapes and designs. I first think about the functionality of the piece determined by its shape. Would it be easy and safe to use? I create molds to slump the glass pieces, if needed. Then  I create the design inspired by Judaic symbols, stories and Jewish events.”



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