EtsyChai Creative Inspiration–Part IV

Last week I asked EtsyChai members: “How do you stay creative? What inspires you?”  Here are some more responses in a series of posts featuring their replies, enjoy reading!  - Tamdoll


“My love for recycling and repurposing leads to my creativity and gives me inspiration. The materials I use are often what comes available and leads me to wonder how I can use it. I also have a very practical side and create things that I can use such as: pot holders from thrift shop castoffs; or wine bottle cozies from yarn I find at the thrift shop or make from t-shirts (like the one from last month's challenge).  
Recycling = vintage.”



“Staying creative is not something that just happens!!! Sometimes I am overflowing with ideas and can barely concentrate to make dinner or fold clothes. Other times it's a dry, dry desert and I feel like there is nothing there.

Two things, one on purpose and one by accident:
1) I look at other people's stuff. This can get something started. At the very least I feel better because someone's making something beautiful.
2) Just make something, anything. Get the beads out on the table. Clean up the beads, mix them new ways, see what sticks to the wall.

I was totally stuck and disgusted with myself and then a lady at the shop wanted a Blessings ring in Size 10, so out came all the beads in this colorway. After making the ring (which took me three days because I kept messing it up) I was inspired to make some more stuff!”



“I don't get too many dry spells. My problem is more a matter having the time to create all that is in my head.  When I do have dry spells I look to magazines, go to fabric shops, and just look at artwork for inspiration.  What really gets me in the creative spirit is cleaning out my craft area.  I discover all kinds of supplies that have gotten buried, take a fresh look at my inventory, and discover new uses for supplies that I have neglected for a while.”



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