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Rosh HaShanah starts Oct 2, 2016

Jewish New Year (Rosh HaShanah) starts at sundown on Sun., Oct 2. 

Did you know that there are 5 names for Rosh HaShanah?

1. Rosh Hashana literally means "Head of the Year" because Rosh Hashana marks the point when we begin the new calendar year (e.g. from 5772 to 5773).
2. Yom Harat Olam means "The Birthday of the World."
3. Yom Hazikaron means "The Day of Remembering."
4. Yom Hadin means "The Day of Judgment."
5. Yom Teruah means "The Day of Sounding (the Shofar)." This is the actual name that the holiday is called in the Torah.*

The Jewish High Holidays mean: 
  • We get a chance for teshuvah (return to G-d), turn over a new leaf and begin again doing the right thing. 
  • We hear the shofar – a wake-up call to jostle us, to seriously taking stock of what we’ve done all year and make sure we are worthy of being written into the Book of Life. “God sits in judgment, deciding whether or not we have merited to be inscribed in the divine book of life.“ **
  • We eat apples dipped in honey to celebrate the sweetness of life. 
  • The challah is round symbolizing the circle of life. 
Shanah Tovah u’meitukah, 

Happy and Sweet New Year! 

Linda B. 
Originally published at Linorstore.com 
Linda Blatchford
Jewelry Designer


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Tu B'shevat Treasury

This lovely Treasury is by Gal Sews. Thanks, Gail.

Tu B"Shevat plants trees and nature

Cactus Crochet - Yarnius Fuzzicus
Peach Rose bottlecap necklace
HANUKKAH GIRL GIFT - Jewish Daughters Blessing - Print - Hebrew English names - Jewish Judaica Art - Print - Girls room Wall Art - Chanukah
Red Ceramic Pomegranate Dish for Rosh Hashannah
Geometric vase White ceramic with red heart decal Origami inspired Gift idea Contemporary style Home decor
Olive Branch Mezuzah - Contemporary Pewter Judaica
Small Hamsa Magnet Daisies and waves
Aqua and Pink Square Glass Tile Dome Tree of Life Pendant with Cluster of Swarovski Crystals
Israeli Flowers Earrings. Handmade Goldfield. Special pearls, Swarovski Crystal gems and lovely flowers. FREE GIFT with every purchase!
Tulip fused glass platter FREE SHIPPING
Art Print / Tree of Life Mandala-Print Reproduction
Mezuzah Cover - stoneware with warm jade green glaze
One Of A Kind Eshet Chail Woman of Valor Judaica Print OOAK AJteam
Cobalt blue ring, Cocktail ring, Blue rose ring adjustable, Something blue ring gift for bride
Mini Cactus Pin Cushion
Blessings: Pomegranate Collaged Rimon Bracha

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