Yes, Virginia, There Are Other Blogs!

While there’s a break in the action at the etsychai blog, with many people away or taking some time away, I’ve decided to steer you towards blogs written by a few of the team’s members.

Blazing Needles’ Barbara has her Everything Yarn blog, with updates on all her new and wonderful creations. It’s one thing to know how to knit – it’s quite another to make your own patterns and wind up with such beautiful pieces. Check out this personalized baby blanket:

 blazing needles

Eileen of Goofing Off has an eclectic blog, writing about her life and her vintage shopping adventures, with occasional side trips into online discoveries. How about this recent post on baking Double Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies ? They DO look pretty delectable!


Finally, Tamdoll’s Tammy has a blog just about anything. She even has frequent tutorials for hobby crafters as well as professional crafters out in the marketplace. One of her older blog posts shows how to turn a game board into a jewelry display. That might set you apart at an upcoming show!

game board

Me? I’m not as dedicated a blogger as our previous three members. But I post once in a while about my adventures playing in the mud. As a potter I make lots of mugs. But once in a while I have a project which excites me. Those are the ones which wind up on my blog’s pages.

My most recent post (whew, way back in November) deals with my Representational Seder Set.

Rep Seder Set ALL 2[3]

So, if this blog seems a bit slow at times, you can always check the blogs written by our individual members. They can be interesting, informative, and inspiring!

This post by April of AgruArts

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