Another Four Fabulous Blogs

Here’s the next installment presenting the blogs maintained by members of etsychai. “Why bother to read a blog?”, you may ask. Blogs offer us insight into how and why people create. They show us the personal side of etsy sellers – something that might otherwise be lost in a morass of photos and item descriptions.

Linda of Linda B’s Beaded Jewelry uses her blog for more than just promoting her own work. In several posts she queries her readers about their preferences as a form of marketing research so, not only does she offer them recipes, previews, and sales information, she also offers an opportunity to help her create jewelry they would enjoy and, potentially, buy.

Here’s a post illustrating how she conducts her queries. And in case she asks for my opinion, this is the necklace I would choose for going out on the town:

Viktoria of Visart presents her blog differently. Hers is much more like a photojournal of her life and her work. In fact, reading through it, you can really get a feel for the rhythms of her and her family’s lives.

I particularly enjoyed this post about their trip to the Lakhish River and all the fun her boys had while they were there. In fact, I wonder if scenes like this, with her boys walking over layered rocks. inspired her

to create pieces like this:

Lori, the force behind charmeddesign1012 loves helping other sellers with information about tools which make selling on etsy easier and more efficient. Her most recent post on the blog even taught me something. It’s about targeting your customers using Facebook insights. Be sure to check it out!


Finally, there’s Ooty’s blog, chatting with us about her daily sewing, knitting, and clay adventures. Of course, as a fellow potter, I perk up whenever there’s a clay posting. But I’m a sucker for reading about her thoughts when creating clothing and other fabric creations for her or someone else’s kids. I also adore how she ends all her posts with a hug and a kiss (x o).

So take a moment or two and check out another crafter/artist’s blog. You might be surprised what you can learn. And, even if you don’t learn something new, you’ll gain some insight into what a varied community we are.

This post by April of AgruArts

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Nice! I really like the polymer clay pendant.