New Features on Craftopolis

Sandi, our membership maven, has been keeping us up to date on some terrific tools for Etsy shops.

Craftopolis has become a place where you can check your daily hearts, views, links to Treasuries and tags, to see what keywords people are using to get to your shop.

1. Go to http://craftopolis.com and type in your shop name.  You’ll see the number of views and hearts per day.


2. Next to your shop name, you see Google Analytics.


3. Log in to your Google Analytics and choose your Etsy Shop (circled in white), you might have to play with the other links until you see the data.

You’ll see the items that were viewed and if the items have any hearts (white down arrow),

4. At the bottom of the screen (by the right arrow) you’ll see the avatars of the shops who have hearted you. If you rollover them, the shop name is listed.


5. Treasuries – You can see the links to the Treasuries you’re in


6. The newest feature is the Tag Report. I don’t have any listed yet, but I think is about keywords that people type in that match your tags.


I hope this has been helpful to you.

by Linda Blatchford

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