Artful Thursday – Stamped Wall Hanging Tutorial

I’ve had this “Commandments” stamp for a while, and it’s always given me trouble when I use it on paper, so I thought I’d try fabric today.  I had fabric remnants from curtain lining created years ago so thought this would be a great canvas to make a wall-art present for an upcoming Bat Mitzvah.

The image on the left was created when I placed the stamp face-down on the fabric in the “traditional” stamping method.  The image on the right was created when I lay the fabric over the inked stamp and used a brayer to roll over the top.

Tamdoll stamping on fabric

Careful!  Don’t let the fabric slip around.

Tamdoll Inking with Brayer

Next, I cut out squares of cotton quilt-batting for the backs:

Small pieces of cotton batting

I layered the quilt batting and another piece of white fabric behind each piece, then using the free-motion foot on my sewing machine and metallic thread, I outlined some of the images that I stamped. 

Free Motion Quilting Metallic Threads

I kept going back, adding more details, then beads to make the image pop.  As I’m creating this post, I’m having trouble getting the finished picture up here – as soon as I get over this glitch, I’ll get the final picture up here!

Tamdoll's Finished Mixed Media

After I was satisfied with all the beads and quilting, I sewed a piece of sturdy wool felt to the back of the piece and added grommets to hold a hanger.  Taking a tip from one of Paper Bird’s Artful Thursday tutorials, I used wire and beads to create a hanger.

Mazel Tov

On the back I embroidered the Hebrew words “Mazel Tov” -  which translates to Good Luck, and is used as a “Congratulations”.  I was glad to make this for a friend’s daughter and I hope she enjoys this unique piece!

Happy Artful Thursday.



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