On the Web with EtsyChai - Mark Kaplan

On the Web with EtsyChai

Another web sighting … this time a feature of Mark Kaplan on the beautiful blog of Kaelin Design- Tales from the Studio.

My favorite quote from Mark in the web interview:

“I mostly just listen to my inner self and don’t really care too much what others think anyway…”

Go read it, here, and see for yourself!

What an interesting guy.  I couldn’t resist pulling this picture from his flickr pool - (click picture to visit there):

mekong delta

And of course, he has an Etsy shop! 

image Mark Kaplan ........hand made fine jewelry

You get a feel for his work right in his shop announcement:

“I care about where I live, so all my precious metals are made from certified 100% recycled material (not mined)...”

And is work is thought provoking and beautiful:

pice coin global earrings



סטודיו said...

So nice to see and learn more about you! i really like your stuff

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Love your art!