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This Shabbat, I will have the privilege of announcing the new month of Cheshvan, on Sun. Oct 18 and Mon. Oct. 19. with a special prayer in our Sim Shalom siddur. I try to do it the way our Hazzan chanted it so beautifully. Our shul is small so we do not have a Women’s Rosh Hodesh Group. Rosh Hodesh gives us the time to say special prayers. Reciting prayers is always a mitzvah.

Face of the Moon


I looked online and found some details about the month of Cheshvan*:

Cheshvan     clip_image001      Mazal/Constellation:  Scorpion

Significance of the Month:
Cheshvan, the eighth month of the Jewish calendar, is often referred to as Mar Cheshvan ("Bitter Cheshvan") because it has no holidays. In Israel the rainy season, which marks the onset of winter, begins in Cheshvan.
There are no holidays in Cheshvan. However, two tragic events occurred during this month. Kristalnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, and the beginning of the Holocaust, was on 15 Cheshvan 5699 (1938). In 5756 (1995), Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated on 12 Cheshvan.
Women to Celebrate
The Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah - The weekly Torah readings during the month of Cheshvan focus on the stories of our Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

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Famous Women's Yahrzeits
Rachel our Matriarch - 11 Cheshvan. The favorite wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Rachel is buried in the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem.
Hannah Senesh - 20 Cheshvan 5705 (November 6, 1944). A paratrooper in the British Army, Hannah helped to organize Partisan efforts in Yugoslavia and Hungary. She was captured by the Nazis who tortured and killed her. Hannah wrote poetry that is often read and sung in Holocaust memorial services.
Rachel Yanait Ben-Tzvi - 24 Cheshvan 5740 (November 14, 1979). Rachel Yanait Ben Tzvi immigrated to what was then Turkish Palestine as a young pioneer in 1908. She became one of the leading activists in the Zionist movement and the Haganah (the pre-state, Jewish military organization) and married Yitzhak Ben Tzvi, who was later elected second president of Israel.

Moon and Stars

Text Studies
Hannah and Prayer - In this month of celebrating the matriarch, learn about another Biblical woman who has had a profound influence on us. Our way of prayer is modeled after Hannah, Samuel the Prophet's mother.

Night and Day

* http://www.hillel.org/jewish/rituals/roshchodesh/chesvan.htm

Do you keep monthly traditions?


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