A Handmade Seder - Updated

In my home, the Passover Seder is a mix of old and new, vintage and handmade treasures used to help tell the story of freedom. The Haggadah we use was used at my parent's table, the Cup of Elijah is a magnificent cobalt blue treasure that was used at my grandparents' home. Each part, the matzoh cover, the Seder plate, the table clothes, have history, so setting up for a Seder in my home is easy, almost like bringing in family I haven't seen in a while. I get a bit thrown off guard when an invitation comes my way for a Seder at someone else's home. What do I bring? I can't go empty handed. Food? Like what? Maybe something very special...something handmade might be in order. 

Passover Apron - I love the play on words

This plate is so beautiful it might be hard to get it out of my house

Afikoman Bag by Renee's Needle I love this fabric....Renee is very talented with a needle.....hmm

This blue washing cup from Agru is wonderful....and I remember my dad using a bowl at the table....definitely could be stepped up a bit..

Blue Washing Cup with Base

This vase from Studio Armadillo could be used to pour salt water. So pretty. 
Passover gift Geometric vase Light blue ceramic Origami inspired Gift idea For her & for him Contemporary style Home decor

This wine cozy from Blazing Needles could do that, keep the wine cozy...We'll be drinking a bit of wine during the Seder....4 cups each. (I'll need to wear flats...)
L'Chaim Wine Cozy - to life

These wine glass charms from Down To Earth Creations are wonderful....and a good idea, after all 4 cups each...Not that I'd lose track of my glass...

PASSOVER 6 jewish hebrew judaica pewter wine glass charms with blue and aqua czech crystals

Maybe a kippah or 2 from Maybe Sew. Joanne makes team kippot...wonder if she can make some Gator kippot...Go Gators!!

NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Kippah or Yarmulke

So, what do you think? Not sure....Me neither. Lots of good choices, though, all befitting a friend's home. I'd better decide soon...Passover is approaching quick...April 14th.

Blog post by Eileen Patterson....Goofing Off Sewing Supplies and Miss Eileen Vintage...GoofingOff..it's what I do best. 


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