Shavuot 2012 : 5772

May 27, 2012 | Sivan 6, 5772

Shavuot is a harvest holiday, coming exactly fifty days after Passover – the word Shavuot meaning “Weeks” because this is 7 weeks after Passover.  Of course, it’s a historical holiday, as well as an agricultural one.  Shavuot is the time when Jews celebrate receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai.

Special customs have developed through the years for celebrating Shavuot: attending temple services; reciting the Akdamut poem; reading the Book of Ruth; decorating the home with flowers and branches to symbolize the harvest; and eating foods made with milk and cheese.

How do you celebrate Shavuot?


Linda Blatchford said...

1 of the members of our small synagogue used to make cheesecake and we'd study. It was great!

She moved to FL, so now it's dairy and study Torah.

Thanks for the post, Tammy.

tamdoll said...

I was thinking of cheesecake when I added the cake stand to the Treasury!

GoofingOff said...

Dairy, fresh food from the garden, and key lime pie instead of cheesecake....and study Torah.