Passover Pillows

Every year for Passover family and friends would gather at my Grandma’s house. Grandma would spend hours getting the Seder foods ready, chopped liver, gefillte fish, roast chicken, soup with matzoh balls (got to quit that, I am making me hungry. My sisters and I would set the table, usually squabbling over how many people were going to be there and then who would get to sit next to who. When the table was set, the guests all there, the Cup of Elijah and matzo on the table along with the special Seder plate, my father would start the Seder.
“Wait a minute! You forgot a pillow! Somebody get Sid a pillow.” Someone would always stop the start of the Seder to make sure Dad had a pillow during the Seder. Once he had the pillow positioned for comfort, we would start the Seder. Even though everyone was supposed to recline, that was for the adults as far as  my sisters and I were more concerned. We were worried about having enough phone books under our tushes so we could reach the table.
In ancient times the custom of reclining on pillows while eating was reserved for nobility. Since Passover celebrates our freedom from slavery, we are obligated to recline on a pillow or cushion during the Seder.
Today, most of us don’t recline while eating. The Passover pillow is ornamental and gives the person who sews a way to add a little creativity to the table. The pillow can have a Passover theme. Here’s a few pillow patterns from the GoofingOff shop to get you started.
Sewing Pattern Simplicity 3953 Pillows and Bean Bag Animals Uncut Complete Simplicity 3953 Pillows and Bean Bags
How about a Gefillte fish pillow or a frog pillow?
Sewing Pattern McCall's 9327 Kitchen Accessories Quilt Star Pattern Uncut Complete McCall’s 9327 Kitchen Accessories
The quilted portion could be a six pointed star or Jacob’s Ladder.
Vintage Crewel Embroidery Kit Owl Mates Pillow Kit Crewel Embroidery Pillow Kit Owl Mates
Wise old owls for the wise son.
Post by Eileen Patterson of GoofingOff

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