The Totally Awesome Team Etsy Chai Weekly Treasury Contest

I am so excited. Our team, EtsyChai that is, is going to have treasury contests. Yup, you read it right, treasury contests. Team EtsyChai is having a contest to choose a favorite treasury each week and we need your help to decide our team treasury winner. Our winner will have an item from their shop included in all the treasuries for the following week.

Here's the deal:
Members can post treasuries from Sunday to Tuesday noon (Etsy time). Voting takes place until noon on Friday. We will announce our winner on Saturday night (or Sun. afternoon).

The contest just started and the treasuries are gorgeous with a big "G." Wait til you see them. Oh, sorry, that's my job. Posting the treasuries, I mean. Well, since I am a little late letting everyone in on the contest, voting starts Sunday and will go on until Friday. Oh, yeah, I said that. Anyway, check out the treasuries. I'll be posting them.

Bye y'all!

Post by GoofingOff aka Miss Eileen

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