More Latke Recipes

Here's a recipe from Meredith Laskow of Meredith Bead using Daikon Radishes in place of potatoes. Great idea for someone on a low carb diet.

Daikon Radish Latkes

2 large (~10" long) daikon radishes, peeled & shredded (food processor, not knuckles)
2 matzos, crumbled OR ~2/3 c. matzo farfel OR crumbled croutons
1 cup flour -- I used rye; you can use whatever.
1/2 TBS paprika
1 tsp. sea salt
pinch of hot red pepper (spice powder, not fresh pepper)
2 eggs

Mix well in a big bowl.

Cover the bottom of a large skillet with oil (I used grape seed oil.) Spoon out latke mixture and flatten. I fit 5 latkes in a 12" frying pan. Heat on medium-high. When the latkes are browned on the bottom, flip and brown the other side.

Option: drain on paper towels.
Yield: 16 palm-sized+ latkes (Also known as fritters, pancakes, or croquets, depending on your background.)

Eat plain; or with any of these toppings: sour cream, yoghurt, apple sauce, chutney, marmalade, fruit compote, or "whatever."

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Sher said...

I've never had Latkes but I think I might like them.