Meet Lindab

If you're looking for hand crafted jewelry and really lovely women's wire beaded kippot (yarmulkes), Lindab has the etsy shop for you! Working with semiprecious gemstones, swarovski crystals, glass beads, wire, images, and fillings, she creates wonderful gift items for her shop, be it gifts for yourself or for others.

She's been an etsy seller for so long she can't even remember exactly when she began, although she thinks it was somewhere around 2003.

Silver Wire with White Beaded Kippah   
When asked how she got started, Linda explains, "I went to a Jewish women's event about Queen Esther and we made bracelets while listening to a speaker." Her interest piqued, then "I went to a few wire wrap and beadweaving classes by independent artists." But, she admits, she is mostly self-taught.

In addition to all her artistry, she also works full time at a professional organization, claiming, "It interferes with my creating." In spite of this, she still finds time to prioritize everything in her life and get things done. She says, "When I’m not at work, I’m usually promoting online, creating, photographing or listing new jewelry creations. My cats insist on petting time sometimes, which is good because then I take breaks. My husband sees all my designs, and sometimes tells me, 'it’s not balanced or looks weird' – he usually is right so then I make adjustments. I’m not very good at budgeting time for housework or paperwork; then it piles up and I tackle it. For example, I’ve been online today since 9 am and it’s now 1 pm and I’m still in my jammies." 

Blue Lapis Dreidle Earrings
As if her jewelry isn't enough, Linda also makes greeting cards and offers tutorials in her shop as well as doing two to three shows a year (cut down from six to eight).

Linda's inspiration comes from "The Jewish charms I buy, the gemstone shapes and colors, the seasons and, less frequently, I modify a design from a beading magazine." 

Facebook Tutorial
When asked how she promotes her shop, she stresses posting items in team threads, blogging, on Facebook, and using Twitter. As for which is most successful, she tells us, "Blogging gets me a lot of views, Facebook has resulted in a few orders; posting in active team threads gets lots of views because we all promote each other. I’ve gotten a few sales from team threads, too."

 She also wears her jewelry to work and her kippot to synagogue, getting orders this way as well. Linda also shows friends new pieces to get their feedback. As a result, "One friend has purchased a lot of items and asks me to create some earrings in red and loves my designs." 

Vintage Silver Chai Earrings
 A long time member of Etsychai, Linda tells us why. "EtsyChai lets me express my Jewishness, a natural part of me, and share my Jewish creations and knowledge with team members and others. I’d also like to share some of what have been my successes in the future."

In addition to her 3+ years of membership in Etsychai, Linda also belongs to seven other teams through etsy.

Always generous with her time and advice, Linda offers some to current, new, and prospective sellers:
  • Name your items how a buyer would search for them. Repeat this title in the first line of your description and in tags.
  • List a new item every day and promote it on Facebook, Blog and Twitter.
  • Promote another (any) team member on your blog or Facebook.
  • Join a team and participate, the more you promote others, the more you are promoted in return. At least, do 1 thing for your online shops every day.
 As for advice for photographic your items, she empathizes, "Oy! Photos are a constant challenge. I do mine inside with 3 lights and white poster board. I usually photograph on a white or black background, so my jewelry or kippot don’t compete with a background. I take lots of photos of the same items. I do it quickly, so I take at least 8 and sometimes 3 are blurry and they have to be reshot. I’m terrible at staging, so I don’t bother trying. After uploading to the computer, I use Photoshop to edit my pics."

Double Silver Star of David Necklace
 For the Etsychai Miracles of Hanukkah sale, Linda is offering Free U.S. shipping for orders over $10 if you put the code Candles in your message to seller.

You can also finder her blog here, friend her on Facebook, or follow her Twitter stream, or visit her "other" shop here

Kippah with Copper Wire and Hematite Beads
 --Post by April Grunspan of AgruArts


GoofingOff said...

How many teams are you on? Holy smokes!!
Great post!

Linda B said...

Thanks so much for the feature! I am on lots of teams; some are inactive. I'm an Etsy team addict. LOL

Glitterbird Glamour said...

She's a great team mate, too!

Inessa said...

What a wonderful post!!!

GO Linda!

MagicByLeah said...

Wow, very inspiring, I have to go check out the team now. Great work Linda

Tracey said...

A lovely post, its nice to find out more about our fellow team mates :)

Beads of Paradise said...

How very interesting! It's great to get to know you a little better, Linda! Thanks also for the tips!