EtsyChai Creative Inspiration–Part II

Last week I asked EtsyChai members: “How do you stay creative? What inspires you?”  Here are some more responses in a series of posts featuring their replies, enjoy reading!  -Tamdoll


“My inspiration comes from the cycle of the year. As holidays approach, I begin to think ‘what items are relevant?’ Then I take those items and try to find a way of creating them in clay with my own twist on them (such as my Representational Seder Set). It helps take the tedium away from my time in the studio, where I mostly make mugs, since that's what sells the most.

I've also recently purchased the Lark book "500 Judaica", which is a wonderful addition to the library of anyone making Jewish crafts.”

agru.etsy.comApril Grunspan


“Most of my best sellers are my customers ideas. Roller Derby legwarmers were a request as were my name scarves that were featured on The Today Show.  I have a white board in my studio. When something new occurs to me I write it  on the white board. Then when I feel like working has become boring, I choose a new project from the board. Current I must have 50 ideas there.”



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