Don't Passover Etsy Chai

Don't Passover EtsyChai!

In the Purim post, Susan said "The short history of every Jewish holiday is, “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!” For most of my youth, Passover was just that, my everyday eats made with matzoh instead of bread. I learned to make matzoh balls, matzoh brie, and matzoh farfel. I gave up chocolate doughnuts to eat chocolate macaroons and chocolate covered Joyva Jels (my absolute all-time favorite, let that be the last thing that I get to eat and I will die with a smile on my face).

When I moved away from the large Jewish communities finding food for Passover became a challenge. My favorite butcher was 1200 miles away and, if I was lucky, the supermarket might have a 1/4 aisle dedicated to kosher food. As food for Pesach became less traditional (a lot more fish, a bit of vegetables, and thank God for Hebrew National) the importance of Seder customs grew. The objects on my Seder plate are traditional and the plate has to be sensational. The Cup of Elijah is a vintage cobalt blue glass handed down through my family. My dishes are my great-grandmother's, the one who knew I would like to bake when I was three (didn't matter if I could reach the stove, she knew).

In my home the Seder is no longer a family event but a celebration of freedom and faith. The celebrants come from different backgrounds and their knowledge of Judaism varies. That's OK. I get to share my knowledge and my celebration. A common question though, is "What should I bring?" Food's out, I got that covered. Hostess gifts are in order and Etsy Chai is the place to find the most original, artistic gifts anywhere.

From beautiful art for the wall,

Peace, A Hand Signed Print by Another Creation

cards to express your sentiment,

Judaic Star of David Gift Tag by BBDesigns

to gorgeous Seder plates

Mosaic glass fused Seder plate by Yafit Glass

(I collect these, hint, hint), the shopping list is covered no matter what what type of budget a person is on.

There is even fabric for the do-it-yourselfer in my shop (I had to blow my own horn) and illusion knitting patterns (unbelievable, you just got to see them) in A Cache of Jewels shop.

Judaic Fabric Alef Bet on White background Fat Quarters by GoofingOff (that's me)

Setter Illusion Knitting Pattern by A Cache of Jewels

That's a Jewish Setter (I have Jewish poodles).

Here's a few more ideas:

Hebrew Scrabble game board notepad by Poemweave

Burning Bush-Print Reproduction by LBolter

PASSOVER Seder Plate Earrings with Sparkling Blue Czech Crystals by Down to Earth Creations

Our Team's Passover Promotion starts this week. Get started shopping while the wonderful things are still there. The matzoh kippa from MaybeSews is already sold (maybe she'll make another one).
Post by Eileen Patterson of GoofingOff

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