Who Says Paper is Just for Scrap?

For a full list of all our shops offering promotions during our Miracles of Hanukkah sale, go here!

We have art! We have ketubot (marriage certificates)! We have cards! If you go through our shops you’ll find we have even more made of the simplest item everyone has in their home: paper!

Let’s begin with some cards – especially ones for the upcoming holiday of Hanukkah. After all, that’s why so many of us have sales going on in our shops right now.

The seasonal color doesn’t have to be blue. Anjali Creations has these yummy saffron-colored dreidel cards. They even come in six packs, so you can send them to several people.

Bbesigns has something a bit more interpretive, with slightly more traditional coloring. You can tell a great deal of thoughtful love has gone into the design and creation of these cards, with the impression of a Hanukkah menorah on the front.

For a bold statement, Poemweave created this more generic Star of David card. It works for Hanukkah or for any other Jewish occasion. Come to think of it, you could use it for a secular purpose as well! Rock on!

Moving onto the art part of our tour, lbolter has it in aces. I like art with a message and her Tree of Life Collage print certainly has an important traditional one.


Finally (for today), there’s Mishmish Market offering us whimsy and beauty. I must say, when I got married, over 30 years ago, all I got was a standard ketubah (marriage contract), printed in black and white on a flimsy piece of paper. Makes me jealous of the person who gets theirs on a piece of art, like this gorgeous Canopy Ketubah.

There’s still time to purchase and receive items for Hanukkah. But, remember, etsychai and its members are a great source for your one of a kind purchases any time of the year!

This post by April Grunspan of AgruArts.


debbie - no running with scissor said...

Absolutely wonderful blog!!!! As a collage artist I can happily sing the praises of paper!!! What a great selection of gifts - I especially like the tree of life collage!!! Thanks for sharing!

Meredith said...

as always, beautiful selections and great blog post!