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We’ll be featuring a few shops a day. For a full list of our shops, watch the scrolling avatars at the top of the blog. For a full list of all our shops offering promotions during our Miracles of Hanukkah sale, go here!


Ooty is a pottery artist who loves fabric (or is she a fabric artist who loves to play in the mud?). No matter which way you look at it, every time I visit her shop and see some of her creations I can’t help but say, “awwww!” You see, mixed in with her beautiful menorahs and wonderful aprons or tote bags, are the sweetest tiny houses with removable lids as their roofs. Some even have accompanying “ghosties” as their imaginary residents.

Ooty writes this of herself: “In my art, you learn not only about my influence, but, you see me, my heart .” Well, in her heart there is certainly a great deal of playfulness for her to create objects such as these!

During the etsychai Miracles of Hanukkah sale, Ooty is offering 10% off all items over $10.. Just use the code word in the “Notes to Seller”: If you are coming from this blog, use the secret word "candles."   For Jewish Woman Magazine, use the secret word "JW Mag."

Tree of Life Jewelryhttp://treeoflifejewelry.etsy.com

As a Texan living in Tennessee, Tree of Life Jewelry has loved jewelry from such an early age that making her own line of jewelry was just a logical step for her.

Much of her jewelry holds meaning, drawing from people and stories in the Bible and being translated into wearable art. For example, the necklace illustrated here is about Abraham’s children and how they are like the stars in the heavens. It has 12 stars on it, each representing a different tribe of Israel.


You can either pick out one of the pieces in her shop or, if you’d like something special, Tree of Life Jewelry will gladly work with you in designing and executing the perfect piece for you or that special someone in your life!

Written by April Grunspan of AgruArts


Handmade in Israel said...

Great work and beautifully written too!

Ooty said...

wow thank you thank you, what a sweet surprise =)

blazingneedles said...

I love reading all these!