Susie Lubell of MishMishmarket says she "studied just about everything except painting." She didn't need to study painting as far as I am concerned. Her style is wonderful. Her work is beautiful, unique, and whimsical, and her style her own. The colors are vivid and the pictures bring a smile to all those who see them.

Susie works in watercolors and her prints have the feel of the original watercolor through her unique printing process. Her is some of her work:

Abundance Ketubah

Little Village Watercolor Print and Verse

Little Bird Watercolor The best thing about her children's watercolors is they can be personalized in English or Hebrew. Talk about a perfect gift for a naming.

Check out Susie's shop, MishMishMarket.etsy.com and see the rest of her work. During Team EtsyChai's Miracles of Hanukkah sale Susie is giving 20% off purchases over $20. Don't forget the secret word, though. Remember, it's Candles, or JW mag if you got here from the magazine....Tell her GoofingOff sent you.

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Great post!

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I'm having so much fun reading about everyone!