Learning to “Do It Yourself”

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Bet you thought all etsychai has to offer is the best in Judaica, jewelry, pottery, art, and other ready-to-use pieces. Well, think again! Etsychai also offers options for those of you who would rather do it yourself!

A Cache of Jewels offers patterns resulting in the magic of Illusion Knitting. “What is Illusion Knitting?” you may ask. The design acts as a hologram. Now you see it... Now you don't! Look at it one way and all you see are stripes, but look at it again and as if by magic the design is visible. It's fun and easy to do. As long as you can knit and purl you can accomplish this technique.

Her Israeli Flag pattern is apropos for a tote, tallis (prayer shawl) bag, or matzoh cover.

Among Susan Knits’s finished products, yarns, vintage goods, patterns and more, is this creative approach to carrying your beverage in a bottle. I wish I’d had this on my last trip, when I had to carry my water while hiking down a rocky trail. But the pattern for this knitted water bottle carrier would result in something just as useful (and chic) while walking downtown!

Have you ever heard of Paverpol? Neither had I, until I started looking through Tracey Lipman’s shop. If you live in Israel, Tracey can supply you with all you need to get started. If you live elsewhere, she’ll include information directing you to suppliers in your neck of the woods. Seems like a fabulous service, especially when you can use it to make something this unique with her PDF tutorial for a Paverpol Mezuzah. It’s even available in English or Hebrew.

Remember, everything in this post is for tutorials. But check our shops, because many of them offer the supplies you need to make the projects as well: yarn, knitting needles, etc.

This post by April Grunspan of AgruArts.

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