Fabrics and Fibers and Yarn, Oh My!

Having featured shops, we’re going to use the rest of our promotion period to discuss genres and how they fit into the Jewish Arts. For a full list of all our shops offering promotions during our Miracles of Hanukkah sale, go here!


When we speak of Fibers, it doesn’t always mean actual fabric. But I’m going to begin with fabric anyway. For example, this example of a custom tallis (prayer shawl), created just for you, by kippahmitzvah.

She’ll work with you to create a tallis for a special occasion, wonderful gift, or just to make you feel great whenever you wear the one you’ve commissioned for your own use.



Tallits always remind me of scarves. Not inherently Jewish by nature. But I distinctly recall my Jewish mother yelling at me, “Don’t forget your scarf! It’s cold out and  you’ll catch a cold!”

BlazingNeedles has this perfect retort, an “Oy vey” scarf. “Here Mom, I put this on because I love you!”





And here’s one for more formal purposes. Can’t you just see this ribbon scarf by Sew Stacy over a little black dress?



Let’s not forget the kids. Among her adult items, Clay Beads and More also offers knitted caps for youngsters. These fall into the “more” in her shop.


This one is the perfect unisex gift for a baby shower. After all, white and gray are the new white and gray!




Finally, let’s talk about YOU! You as a crafter and person who wants to make your own gifts. There’s still time and our members have the supplies.

How about one of A Cache of Jewels’ illusion knitting patterns? This one is a baby sweater:

The design acts as a hologram. Now you see it... Now you don't! It's as if by magic!!! Look at it one way and all you see are stripes, but look at it again and as if by magic the design is visible.


And among her vintage sewing patterns and other great vintage finds, Goofing Off has several fabrics perfect for using in Hanukkah-dedicated projects (or just for a great reusable choice for wrapping gifts).

I’m partial to this one, filled with filigree dreidels and silky blue ribbons, so I’m going to leave you with its image here.

This post by April Grunspan of AgruArts

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