A Cache of Jewels

Sandy, the creative force known as A Cache of Jewels, is a self-employed artist and craftwoman who loves to create things that are unique and beautiful. Sandy designs and creates a line of knitting patterns with a Jewish theme. Her illusion patterns are incredible and look like holograms. Everytime I see them I wonder how she does it. Very unique.
In addition Sandy creates useful, fun items for show dogs. You can see her dogs when they model for her. Her dog snoods not only keep their ears clean but warm, too. She also sells bamboo knitting needles in her shop that she describes as the best needles she's every used. Check them out. Could be part of a knitter's gift basket.

Growing up in the bridal industry, Sandy developed a sense of style that was later developed at the Fashion Institute Of Technology, NYC, and led her to a career of costume design with well-known clientele such as the Village People. Her sense of fashion shows in every creation.

Illusion Knitted Chanukah Miracle Blanket/Wall Hanging Knitting Pattern

Custom Knitted Dog Snood

24 Inch Circular Knitting Needle Bamboo Size 1.5

Go to http://acacheofjewels.etsy.com to see more of Sandi's work. You will be amazed like me.

Don't forget the Miracles of Hanukkah Sale going on now and the secret password.

Psst...It's Candles...that is unless you are from Jewish Woman Magazine, then it's JW Mag.

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