Rosh HaShanah Begins at Sundown, Sept 8 - Gift Ideas

Are you getting ready for the Jewish New Year or other Jewish life cycle events? The EtsyChai group creates artisan handmade Judaica items to make your shopping experience easier. You can shop online and receive your items before Yom Tov. These are just a few items for the EtsyChai artisans.

Here's one example of work by our graphic designer, Jerusalem Hamsa

Click on any of the shop links to the left to see more items. 

Which item is your favorite?


scrapanjali said...

Gorgeous Wall Hanging! Love the colors.

tamdoll said...

Thanks so much for putting my fiber art up here!

Beads of Paradise said...

I love the Shanah Tovah card by Michele. Of course, I am already a fan of hers.