Home for the Holidays

Whether it’s your home or somebody else’s, it’s always wonderful to start the New Year off with something new. At Etsychai, our members might have that very special item (or two or three or more) for you to display in your home or give as a host/hostess gift at someone else’s.

Remember, through August 8, 2010 we have some great promotions in many of our shops. You can find more information on it all here.

The following items are just a sampling. You can find much more in the individual shops listed on the left side of this blog.

Let’s begin with Etsychai’s newest member norunningwithscissor. Wouldn’t this piece of art look wonderful on your wall?

And while we’re on the subject of art, Mishmishmarket has a different take on the same city (Jerusalem). Its title is Rejoice – a most appropriate sentiment for Rosh Hashana.


Apples and honey are de rigeur in wishing ourselves and others a sweet New Year. Don’t you just wish you could serve them on a plate that looks just as delicious? Check out yafitglass’ shop. She has a great selection for just this purpose!

And how about a honey pot to complete the set? TraceyLipman has you (and the honey) covered.

Not to be outdone, Threesistersplates has a different idea for serving. Imagine this wonderful piece on your Rosh Hashana table!

My shop, AgruArts, has a great washing cup for both your holiday AND Shabbat use.

And let’s not forget about the wine! No Jewish holiday is complete without it. We usually invite company for the holidays and all those wine glasses DO look the same. So, isn’t it time you got your special holiday set of wine charms from lindab142?

That’s it for this post. But we’re not done yet! We still haven’t dealt with beautifying yourself for the holidays. So, our next post will deal with that subject.

Remember to check out ALL our Etsychai shops for your holiday and year-round needs. Until next time! SHALOM!


Ooty said...

such lovely items!

Linda B said...

What a talented group of artists. The choices are wonderful.

Share the information with others.

Inner Toddler said...

thanks so much for including my Rejoice print. it's in such good company! shanah tovah!

blazingneedles said...

Great post!