Halleluyah Moments for the Jewish High Holidays

As the Jewish high holidays approach, we look for ways to begin anew, to pledge ourselves to G-d, take stock of the past year and try to be a better person for this New Year.

This reading touched my heart: Psalm 150 is one of my favorites, so I wanted to share it with you.

A rendition of Psalms 150 “Halleluyah” graced the eardrums of the seats filled with smiling faces and victors. I faintly smiled and was whisked away by nostalgia, as the lull of the soft melody danced within my being. The moment had come where the splendor of this melody’s tune met the triumph and completion of a seven-year journey. As the song played on, I was reminded of its meaning to me. It had taught me that praise and thanksgiving outweighs defeat and despair. Darkness cannot help but yield to light when the choice is made to live in an atmosphere of praise and gratitude.

Classical Music Plate

I was jolted out of my trance when I heard my cue, “Eliana Alyzah Bat Avraham.” It was at this moment I felt the pain, struggles, and obstacles overtaken by the vast power of victory and joy.


Trough tear-filled eyes of gratitude, I looked up at the Ner Tamid and quietly said, “Thank you G-d…Thank you.” I ascended the stairs of the bimah. The chains and locks of defeat that bound me over the years dissipated into the light of triumph.


In awe, I felt the cloak of G-d’s sovereignty, love, and anointing envelope my being. Hands were placed upon my shoulders as the Priestly Benediction was recited. I then heard “I am honored to call you Rabbi.”* Those powerful words closed one long chapter of my life and opened another. With my new cloak snuggly wrapped around me, I stepped down those stairs and onto the path that was divinely laid before me. The journey of hope, faith, and obedience to the One.

*Rabbi Alysa Stanton is the first African-American female rabbi..

Source: Jewels of Elul.
- by Linda Blatchford
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L'shanah tovah!


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