The Saturday Wife by Naomi Ragen - Book Review

I just finished reading The Saturday Wife by Naomi Ragen, a  novel about an Orthodox Jewish woman who marries a rabbi and takes on the role of "rebbetzin."

We meet Delilah, our main character, when she is in 2nd grade. True to her name, she does have a wild streak that appears in throughout the book in various ways, but you'll have to read it to find out.

This book is a great summer read for [Jewish] women who want a peek into the Orthodox world - some of the traditions are explained and the Torah portion or rabbinical explanation is provided in an interesting way.

My favorite part is on page 37, "Even if you feel the years have flown by and all your mistakes have just piled up, never despair. This is the greatness of our Creation: His compassion has no end. He will never give up on you, so never give up on yourselves. He knows who we are-He made us, didn't He? so even the worst person, the biggestcrook, the most evil gossip, is G-d's child, and G-d looks at him and, like a father, always hopes he'll turn it around. It's never too late.

To be a Jew is to remember that we are in charge or makeovers. Not the kind with the hair and the nails. Universe makeovers. We take terrible situations where there is only evil-people who are unkind to one another and full of hatread-and we transform lives. We change things. And we start by changing ourselves."

You can buy this book here The Saturday Wife - I highly recommend it. It takes you on a funny journey through Judaism. The end of the book will come and you'll want more.

One of my teachers, Hazzan S. said, "one doesn't have to wait until Rosh HaShana to return to G-d, to make teschuvah. We can do it each morning when we wake up." What can I do to make this day better? How can I serve G-d and fellow human beings?

Often, my answer is just to get through the day, without hurting anyone and taking care of my responsibilities.

Have you read any books you liked? Or would you like to share your morning prayer or affirmation?

Linda Blatchford
EtsyChai Team Maven

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