Member Focus on Linda B

This member focus is way overdue, I can’t believe I haven’t featured her here before! Our wonderful team leader, Linda B. is a talented artist… read on….

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Linda B. is a jewelry designer and artist creating hand-beaded jewelry and selling them along with destash supplies, digital images, beaded bookmarks, hair accessories, wire beaded kippot and how-to guides at her Etsy shop, Linda B’s Beaded Jewelry.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

How did you learn your craft?
I am self-taught; I was at a women's workshop making Esther bracelets for Purim and loved it, so I bought beads and now I'm addicted. I am working on learning bead weaving class in brick stitch, but need to practice more until I'm satisfied.

White and Blue Polkadot Glass Earrings White and Blue Polkadot Glass Earrings

What materials do you use?
I use gemstone and a combination of gemstone and glass to keep prices affordable for my clients. Also, as of Hanukkah 2009, I have begun creating bottle cap & glass tile pendants, magnets and the images. I will be finding a use for faceted acrylic/plastic beads (which I have a zillion), soon, I hope. I really enjoy figuring out a pleasing pattern of colors and gemstone and glass beads and stringing it. I've been incorporating more chain and charms into my pieces lately.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

What is your favorite item in your shop right now?

It's a toss up between my new Shalom Dove earrings: Shalom Dove Earrings

and my Sapphire Blue Swarovski Star of David earrings: Sapphire blue Swarovski Star of David earrings

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

How do you budget your time?
What budget? I work when I have to, create and promote when I can and try to do accounting (this year) as quickly as possible. I also blog frequently, I'm on 3 other teams: EtsyTwitter, EtsyBloggers, and EtsyBead (the first one I joined).

What do you use for inspiration?
The colors and shapes of beads and the gemstone characteristics.

What do you do when you're totally uninspired?
I look at my latest issue of BeadStyle magazine to see what styles I can modify.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Do you have special items for holidays/Judaica?
Yes, general Judaica and for Jewish holidays: Purim, Passover and Hanukkah.

Pearl & Copper Wire Kippah Pearl & Copper Wire Kippah

Linda has been an EtsyChai member since 2008. Why is EtsyChai important to you?
Because it is important to have Jewish artisanship represented in the online handmade community and in meeting other artists who are either Jewish or interested in Judaica, a common interest. The team members are very talented and we work together well as a group.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

How do you promote your shop?
I promote using Twitter & Facebook and my blog.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Do you sell outside Etsy?
My local beauty shop and a few local craft shows.

How do you approach other venues?
Ask business people of shops you frequent if you can leave fliers or show your items. I check www.eventlister.com for shows in my area.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Any advice to new Etsy sellers?
Keep taking photos until they look fabulous. Some people (buyers) like consistency in shops for photographs and items. Read everything you can about selling on Etsy. Go to the newbies chats and be critiqued. Join a team for the support and likeminded items you do or create.

Pink Strawberry quartz pendant set Pink Strawberry Quartz Pendant Set (sale)

Photos are so important; do you have any special process for taking yours? Tips?
I use a tripod, full spectrum light and a desk lamp and photograph on white or grey backgrounds. Take several photographs of the same item in slightly different positions. Read everything you can in the Etsy Forums about photography - and in other websites.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Linda is a prolific blogger, you can visit her blog:


and join her online at:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/lindab142
Facebook: http://facebook.com/linorstore
Website: http://linorstore.com
Artfire: http://lindab142.artfire.com
1000Markets: http://linorstore.1000markets.com

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Describe your shop in one sentence:
I hand bead original jewelry including necklaces, earrings and bracelets using a combination of colors and shapes.

Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

I hope you’ve enjoyed this member feature and would love to get your feedback, do you have a favorite item from Linda’s shop? read her blog? Share in the comments.

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