It’s that time of year – graduations are upon us. Etsychai members have a wonderful array of special gifts for the graduate in your life!

How about this great card from bbdesigns (I bought one of these for my niece’s high school graduation last year!)

lindab142 thought ahead and crafted a wonderful graduation gift set, a pair of earrings and an accompanying card.

I’ve always found male graduates to be a bit more difficult where gifts are concerned. Happily, Etsychai members make this easier, with some time-honored gifts with that one-of-a-kind uniqueness.

For example, threesistersplates has some plates representing some of the bigger colleges in the U.S. I’m choosing Ohio State as an example since my husband is from Cleveland. Go Buckeyes!

Another great idea that works for either gender of graduate is a journal. It can serve multiple purposes. anjalicreations even has one with a Jewish theme. Let’s not forget there are also graduations from Hebrew School!

Finally, how about these amazing vintage Chai Pendants from siragwatkins? Some graduation gifts can even become heirlooms!

This is just a small number of all the wonderful things Etsychai members have to offer. Be sure to check out all our shops to find a gift that’s a perfect fit!


Linda said...

Thanks, April for including my Graduation gift set and showing more of the EtsyChai team's work.

Go team!

tamdoll said...

Great post & very timely.

Sandie said...

These are all great gifts!
Thanks for including my plates!