Wrapping up the Passover Freedom Event with EtsyChai

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Participating shops & some of their specials are listed here and you can search on Etsy with the keywords: "pesach" or "etsychai" or “passover”.  Please remember to use the word "Passover" in Notes to Seller when shopping with EtsyChai members!

Passover with EtsyChai

We’ve had some interesting and informative posts this week:

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  • And… it’s not over yet!!

    There’s still time to knit up a matzah/afikomen bag or cover using this great pattern:knitting pattern

    Recipes, how-to’s, family traditions, stories and more will be featured in the coming weeks as we all prepare for Passover.  For example… here we have Lisa of handmadeinisrael.etsy.com talking about her Passover plans:

    “Purim is now over and the build up to Pesach begins! We try and start early with the preparations and clean out two kitchen cupboards each evening, beginning several weeks before the start of Pesach. Though I dread the holiday and all the work it entails, the reality is that when the festival eventually arrives we enjoy a wonderful Seder with family or friends and have a fantastic week touring Israel from north to south. The kids are off school, my husband takes time from work and we enjoy the beautiful spring weather and see some gorgeous places around our little country. Last year we visited The Dead Sea and Qumran, an orchid farm and parrot farm in the north, and hiked in the forests nearer to home. This year we of course have yet to make specific plans, but who knows where the Pesach vacation time will take us.

    If you wish to see a little more, here’s last year’s blog post about my family’s Passover travels.”  - Lisa Isaacs, Handmade Greetings Cards

    celebrate with EtsyChai

    Great magnets for the holiday… can hold up your favorite recipe while you cook!:holiday magnets

    How about a tutorial to make your own matzah tray, making the holiday extra special and personalized?… or make one for the host/hostess of a Seder you’ll be attending:Make your own tutorial. (Wouldn’t it be nice to make one of these out of a cherished heirloom tablecloth that may be torn or stained and unusable? – Tammy)

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    Will you be making anything new or creating a tradition during this year’s holiday?

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    Handmade in Israel said...

    Thank you for another great post. I appreciate you including my little 'tidbit' about our Passover travels in Israel.