Go Green with EtsyChai – Planting Trees

Some of our EtsyChai team have pledged to buy trees to celebrate TuB’Shvat.  Visit these generous sellers and support their efforts! 

agruarts April of AgruArts Ceramics will be planting one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every sale made through the end of the month, with a minimum planting of ten trees (which is the smallest purchasable amount).

beadsofparadiseshop.etsy.com  Christine of Beads of Paradise will be planting a tree for every sale made.

tamdoll.etsy.com Tamdoll of SILVER Mountain Originals will be making a donation to plant trees.

GoofingOff MissEileen.etsy Eileen of Goofingoff & MissEileen had this to say: “We usually celebrate the holiday by planting trees. Here in Florida, January is the time to plant trees (the sap is up) so that's what we do. In years past, we planted red cedar and redbuds, this year we are planting cypress. Nothing too fancy, but that's how we celebrate. This year, since it is so cold, we have to wait for it to warm up a bit so we can work out there. 30 degrees is still cold!”.

anothercreation.etsy.com Michele of AnotherCreation will make a donation to plant trees.

You can plant your own trees through the Arbor Day Foundation and the Jewish National Fund.

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