Bomb-sniffing Dogs & EtsyChai

Title caught your attention, huh?  Wondering what we’re up to now?  Read on!
Sandra of A Cache Of Jewels manages to collect interesting and funny news stories on the internet and share them each week with our EtsyChai group.  This week Georgia of oakGeorgia passed on a good one:

From the New York Times -

Yes, Miky, There Are Rabbis in Montana

I was smiling and laughing as I read this and think it’s worth a click over to check it out.  And then, it inspired me to see what our EtsyChai Team has to offer for pets, or in Hebrew (yes, reading the article will help to understand how I made this connection!)

Dog Bone Scarf Illusion Knitting Pattern

Tree of Life Polymer Clay Wall Hanging

acacheofjewels.etsy.com TraceyLipman.etsy.com

Morah Mug for Teacher

Vintage Hebrew and Yiddish paper shapes


Kangaroo Lace Fancy Beaded Dog Leash Peppermint Cocoa

Brought to you by Tammy, looking for a sense of humor this week.


Leslie Sirag said...

I love this story, and I have "chai" (Hebrew for "life") symbols in both my shops--2 very fancy vintage deco designs on chains in the "Notable Necklaces" section on The Creative Block, www.siragwatkins.etsy.com
and those plus several more designs and some smaller sizes in the "charms and pendants" section at Findings, www.leslietsy.etsy.com

I also have lions and wolves, but no dogs. Leslie

Higher Ground said...

Dogs are such amazing creatures! Where would we be without them? I am a little crazy over mine, but then again he is a very special dog, right?

The kangaroo leather dog leash is a very flexible lead that is great for showing off your best friend. I have a few more coming soon.

Barbra said...

Great article!