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from the Micha'l’s Tefillin website: “Shalom and welcome to  Michal’s Tefillin, an online magazine for Jewish women. Our philosophy is a simple one – to promote and nurture an environment of superlative creative talent and to encourage the diversity, the strength and the chutzpah of Jewish women from all walks of life.”   Sounds like something the readers of the EtsyChai blog would enjoy!  Read on and enjoy this interview with Basia Ellen, Editor-in-Chief!

Who is/are the founding members of Michal's Tefillin? Myself, Basia Ellen and Hevel Cohen. I am in charge of all creative content in the capacity of editor-in-chief, Hevel is the webmaster.

Where are you located? We are Europe/Israel based. Most of our readers are in the US and Israel but we have readers in Singapore, Spain, Malta, the UK and just about everywhere Jews live. Maybe even in Kabul ;)

Do you have a mission statement? Our mission is to develop and promote creative talent among Jewish women and to give them a stage on which to display their talent. Artists, writers, photographers, poets, designers - there is a wealth of immeasurable talent out there that is really very humbling and awe-inspiring

imageWhy did you start the blog? ..Our target audience is anyone who is interested in smart, creative Jewish women and we hope we have a broad appeal. Our magazine is new, this is the second issue, and the response from Jewish women, and even non-Jewish women, worldwide, has been incredible. We have been lucky to get interviews with respected novelist Maggie Anton and we have an exclusive interview with the Hebrew Mamita, aka Vanessa Hidary in this issue. We've also linked up with Modern Tribe, Etsy designers Sari Glassman and Ooty Reut Raz Yaacobi and have the breathtaking Holocaust writer Sara Fryd on board. It's a huge honour to have these talented women support Michal's Tefillin.

What do you love to do or what are you passionate about? I am passionate about Jews! I am researching the history of the Jews in Spain and especially regards to their contribution to world food. So many things we take for granted as being Turkish or Greek or Mediterranean are actually thanks to the Jews of Spain. It's thanks to the Jews of Spain that people cook with olive oil - everyone else used animal fat of some sort. We made the world healthy!  I am also researching the lives of the women who surrounded King David for a novel.

Do you do any crafting/cooking/teaching? I am a baker, I love to make bread, challah is my specialty, and I also try to modernise recipes I find from the 12th century for modern day Jewish women.

Have you heard of Etsy? I LOVE Etsy! The talent there is phenomenal, there are people on Etsy who should be world famous millionaires. Every time I browse the shops, I'm in awe. It's especially great to see so much Judaica and designs from Jewish women on a world stage.

Anything else you'd like to share? We're very excited and thrilled to come to the attention of the EtsyChai Jewish St. Team blog readers and we'll be looking out for talent to promote on Michal's Tefillin. If anyone would like to be featured, just drop me an email at michalstefillin@gmail.com.

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