Introducing… On the Web with EtsyChai

around the web with etsychai

This post begins a series of web highlights… fun news, member features and more!

I’m going to keep this one simple instead of repeating what’s already been said, just give you some teasers and the link to read more….

star knitting pattern star

knitting pattern

village peopleThe High Plains Knitter has featured our Sandi! Read it here.  You’re wondering what the Village People are doing here, aren’t you? You’ll have to read the blog feature to find out! Another fun thing about Sandi is, she finds some great articles to read online and shares them with the group. This one cracked me up, Saving Paula Abdul.

I loved reading the interview and learning new things about our team-mate, as well as finding out about the other groups she’s involved in online:

etsy knitters

etsy vintage market

There’s always something interesting and sometimes, surprising, to learn!

What are your favorite blog features to read about?

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