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Rosh Hashana


As Jews everywhere prepare for 5770, so too is the EtsyChai group.  We’ve spruced up the blog here (look around!), and have made a commitment to be organized and active in the coming months.   All this work doesn’t get done by itself, so here’s a short introduction to the current organizers:




Linda B., Team Captain of Linda B’s Beaded Jewelry, and LinorStore.com Blog




Sandi, List Maven, of A Cache of Jewels




Barb, Forum Maven, of Blazing Needles




Tammy, Blog Maven, of SILVER Mountain Originals and Tamdoll’s Workspace




Ann, Tag Maven of Down to Earth Creations, and her blog




Hema, Tag Maven of Anjali Creations



And… while you’re here…

Have you seen these?  Beads of Paradise Shop is having a sale on these until September 15th:

Silver Menorah Earrings

or this beautiful charm bracelet from Linda’s shop:

Jewish New Year Charm Bracelet 


Do you have favorite treasures that you take out just for holidays?

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Linda said...

That you for showing my bracelet.

L'shana tovah,